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When first contacting P2P, the friends only choose short-term bids. Especially before 2015, when the development of the online lending industry is uneven, no bids for more than one year will be seen. In 2014 or even earlier, the average annual interest rate of online loan investment was 15%+. Many high-quality platforms can reach this level in January. With this matching, short-term bids are sufficient for most people's needs.

The beauty and plastic surgery industry is also extremely profitable. Some minor operations like rhinoplasty can complete a beautiful nose in three minutes, but the cost of the operation is nearly 10,000 yuan.

Faced with the emerging industry of online part-time jobs, many netizens are obviously unable to start, because after all, they are in an invisible online world. I don't know which is true and which is false? The editor today lists 7 common online part-time jobs for everyone. They are only for regular exams. If you like it, please like it. If you don’t like it, don’t spray!

Judging from the revenue unit price currently given by the platform, non-original graphics and texts are generally around 12 yuan, and original ones will be a little higher, generally around 17 yuan. If it is video content, the revenue will be higher.

I moved because of business reasons, and I used to rent my old house to others. During this period of time, I also met various tenants, both long-term and short-term, but our cooperation was very pleasant. , And there is no such situation as seen on the Internet where tenants make the house particularly bad.

On the prosperous digital street in every city, you will often see the signs played by various stores: jailbreaking, unlocking, flashing... This involves the industry of "unlocking" mobile phones. Whether it’s a mobile phone you’ve forgotten your password, a cell phone you’ve found, or a cell phone escorted by a thief, if the “unlocking expert” accepts and cracks the phone regardless of the source of the phone, it’s like opening a private house or a safe. The owner was terrified. In particular, the mobile phone "unlocking" market is not standardized. Some cracked mobile phones may be unaware of the original owner of the phone. This undoubtedly makes "unlocking" a "decryption".

How to promote Taobao on WeChat? After establishing a group, find some super cheap products. Let everyone taste the sweetness first. After you have tasted the sweetness, you can tell everyone in the group at this time, let everyone help pull people, how many people will give red envelopes or give gifts, it is best to put the gift PS into a picture in advance, and pull people. At that time, we must tell everyone that when we pull others, we should tell us what the group is doing. It can reflect the preparation of a conversation, don’t blindly pull, it’s just to make up the number of people, the later conversion must be very poor, and the group is also very bad. .

Combining the two different monetization methods, it is conservatively estimated that the minimum income of this Douyin account in a year is more than 200,000, not to mention the other monetization possibilities generated by diverting to WeChat.

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