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I started a business and went back to my hometown to start a business in the countryside. I don’t know the reason. I have been working in the city for almost ten years, but my belief in going back to my hometown to start a business in the countryside has never stopped. Deep in the mountains, he started his own business to raise sheep and make money.

For example, you spend 20,000 yuan to learn programming, and then find a job as a highly paid engineer; you spend 5,000 yuan to take an English speaking class, bidding tutorials, and communicate with foreign customers more smoothly at work. With a great improvement, promotion and salary increase have been quicker. These are all investment-type spending money, and it makes sense to spend money to make money.

Speaking of making money by watching the news, this is really novel. For example, we usually make money by working on the assembly line. Everyday work is boring. However, this way of making money by watching the news is very novel. You only need to click on the video or news every day to take a look, you can get the corresponding gold coin reward, and then you can exchange it for cash.

When a newbie opens a shop, the common problem is that he doesn’t know how to do market research, he only knows that he needs to do market research, but often because the market research is not comprehensive enough, or because the research is too boring and the workload is too large, so he doesn’t pay much attention to it. , The results of the market survey have no effect. The content of the survey must include the surrounding consumer groups, traffic, consumption grades, and the operating conditions of similar beverage stores in the surrounding area, all of which need to be investigated.

Then there is the question of how to promote. Taobao stores, short video platforms, and third-party Internet entrepreneurial-related platforms are all places where accurate traffic gathers. Users who want to make money on self-media platforms are everywhere, and you can try to start directly from these platforms.

What I want to say is, "Positioning is very important, and being a person is more important." Take my current forum as an example, the keywords are positioned as: you are persisting, you are serving, and you are earning online. This is a key word that was redefined in the previous few months. Some old members who have accompanied the growth of the forum left a message on my QQ, saying that this positioning is very consistent with the positioning of the current forum. After three years, many online earning forums have fallen, and many people have seen the survival problem of online earning forums. The forum that can survive will definitely become a harbor for everyone to stop by. Web games make money on the hook, so persistence, persistence, and persistence are very important. The first positioning of the forum is persistence, which also reflects my personal enthusiasm for the online earning business. perseverance. Of course, I have also used myself as a forum for 3 years. Do webmasters consider redefining their keywords and make adjustments to their forums? If you change your positioning every month or even every year , I can say you failed. Each positioning symbolizes a kind of brand power, which should be followed after accurate judgment. I have also tried to find the positioning of the forum, but in the end I can be said to be satisfied with this adjustment.

Girls in particular, like to stock up a lot of daily necessities that they need in the next year on the special day of Double Eleven. Sanitary napkins, paper towels, shampoo, cosmetics, etc. are all in large demand. After hoarding the amount for a year, the wallet must be a little unbearable. For Double Eleven, everyone must have spent a lot of money. I was also hoarding things myself, and almost prepaid my salary for the next month. When this wallet is empty, you have to worry about how to spend time, I believe everyone must make money!

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