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It was the profiteering period of the previous week of mobile games. I rarely saw mobile game projects that were banned from the beginning. After many large mobile game studios stabilized a project, they took out a part of the machine and started running the project. The 2013 online money-making project , I started working on a game with the co-author, and started working on a game right away, until the title was achieved. If I couldn’t do it, I would change the project, so I didn’t need to spend too much energy to study the issue of blocking because of the title. Everyone knows that there is no plug-in that can achieve 100% anti-blocking. Change your thinking to hang up. As long as you can make money, you can do anything!

As Taobao’s shortcomings become increasingly prominent, traditional retail will gradually embark on the road of building a self-operated system. Whether it is an official mall or an official WeChat, Taobao platform users will gradually be introduced to the WeChat platform, and a membership system will be established at the same time through various means such as points and discounts. Deeply expand the user base. Weimob CEO Sun Taoyong predicts that micro-business will usher in a big explosion in the next 3-5 years.

Youyi.com recently took advantage of major e-commerce activities to promote its own rebate earning column. You can get cash rewards by going to Taobao to get coupons and place orders through Youyi.com.

If you are worried about being idle, or want to find out if your leader hasn’t seen your abilities, how your reliable assistant hangs up, and it’s not easy to arrange your work for the time being, you might as well report all these doubts to the leader clearly and truthfully. Consult the leaders’ intentions. If the leader invites you in, the WeChat marketing forum, and does not do anything for you, this is not in line with common sense, you have to verify the specific reasons.

The idea of ​​"Jiang" is definitely not defined by me. After all, I define such a thing myself, and others don't agree with it, right? But you must know what is said above, most people should agree, because a high-quality life is built on an economic basis.

Xiao Min didn't even lie to me, saying: "I made my own investment and earning money. Now my monthly income is at least RMB 30,000 excluding my salary. I now go to work when I want to go to work, and travel by myself if I don't want to go to work.

Most money-making projects, whether it’s work or entrepreneurship, are extremely difficult at the beginning, especially entrepreneurship. Many people did not insist on giving up during this difficult period, and they failed to be like those entrepreneurs. Successful people make a lot of money.

Some employers will require college students to pay deposits, promising to go to work after paying the deposit, but then ask college students to wait for information under various excuses such as full staff, and refuse to return the deposit, and finally there is no news. Some units charge security deposits, claiming that they "guarantee" students to work as required, and promise to return them after the end of their part-time work. But when the salary was settled, the deposit was gone. The police reminded: It is illegal for any recruiting unit to collect deposits and deposits from job seekers in any name. Job seekers should insist on refusing to submit and report in such situations to ensure that their legal rights are not violated. Resolutely do not hold any documents.

2. There are too many fools of great gods, making the online moneymaking industry a miserable situation

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